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igSpeedster is made for social media managers and power users of Instagram who are currently frustrated from the pains of using Instagram. This jailbreak tweak elegantly modifies the Instagram app, allowing you to manage multiple accounts, repost in app, click on links, copy caption and more, saving you potentially up to and over 10,000 minutes per year. Yeah, that’s a lot of savings.

Multiple Accounts

Manage Multiple Accounts

It sucks doesn’t it. Logging in and logging out, then logging out and logging in. All to manage multiple accounts. Something that becomes even more hellish when you manage more than two accounts. Say goodbye to this pain with super fast icon flicka-licious account switching saving you potentially up to and over 3,000 minutes per year.

Grid View

View the home stream as a grid

As a power user or social media manager, you will need to to do a lot of catching up on previous posts from different accounts. Going one by one is painful and time sucking. Thus, we made it so you can view the homestream 3 pics per row, allowing you to catch up on things lightning quick, saving you potentially up to and over 1,000 minutes per year.

Save Media

Save Instagram Media

You can now do this in 1 tap as opposed to the 6 taps of opening a separate app, copying a pasting a url and then downloading. This saves you potentially up to and well over 2,000 taps per year.


In App Reposting

Your days of wasting time launching another app to repost are over. You can now do this lightning fast within the instagram app saving you potentially up to and well over 10,000 taps per year.

Detailed Timestamp

Detailed Timestamp

Those moments when you see "posted 1d" and you need to know the exact time and you feel powerless are over. You can now see detailed timestamps allowing you to take appropriate actions as needed.

Caption Text

Copy Caption text and clickable links

Simple but crucial time savers that save you from those dreaded "copy share url".

Contact igSpeedster

Support: support@gx-5.com

General Inquires: igspeedster@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

We plan on letting Instagram executives know the amount of people interested in igSpeedster like features. The number of users already using and paying for igSpeedster is very encouraging but we still need to make a strong case for Instagram to build these features for us in the future. Kindly enter your email to be added to the list of those interested. In addition we will notify you on our discussions with Instagram.

About the Creator @TheAfricanNerd


As the Chief Digital Officer at Mavin Records and Social Media Manager for some of the world’s biggest celebs and athletes, I quickly realized at this rate I would be losing well over 20,000 minutes of productivity using Instagram. I had to do something urgently. Thanks to my experience with jailbreaking since 2007 and most recently building OneHandWizard, I was able to hook up with some awesome developers to build igSpeedster within a few weeks. I then debated whether to make this public. It was clear to me that many were suffering like me and Instagram would do nothing about it. I hope to change that now.